Real Athlete Baseball Academy


Our goal is to develop the best baseball athletes around and teach the many life goals that come with the game. Our very experienced staff is ready to work with your ballplayer! Schedule your Evaluation today!

Our Focus

  Mental Approach - to the game, box, mound.

 Finding Comfort in Hitting - Find how YOU HIT

Using Athleticism - learning to tap into your FULL POTENTIAL on a baseball field

Lessons Offered
Hitting (baseball and softball) - Add Power and Consistency
Fielding (both baseball & softball) - Learn to "Field Smarter"
Pitching (baseball) - Add Velocity and Accuracy

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*Appointments can not be changed before 24 hours of the appointment.*

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Plan out your Skill session and Strength session back to back hours to maximize each trip to the facility! We will hold all 4 on 1 workouts every Thursday, and 1 on 1 every Saturday. Contact us to find out more about training packages.